Art/Craft Taster Sessions

Monday Morning Art & Craft Taster Sessions with Lunch £20 10am-1pm 

A relaxed fun morning, in Sarah’s lovely kitchen, the perfect place to unwind, a bit of me time being creative while Sarah makes you tea and cake. Small classes all materials provided for you to simply “have a go” together, followed by lunch.

The morning can be tailored to what craft you would like to try, checked out the list below.

To book your place at the table phone 07854 492874 or email  

Jan 10th  Calligraphy/Stone Painting

To view images of these lovely mornings the link below is to my Facebook Page scroll back through the photos they show the activities, lunch, cake and some of the people who have attended

If you have a small group of friends who would like to do a taster day, I’m always happy to chat and arrange a day to suit you, just give me a ring.

Gift Vouchers available

Its a Surprise date to be arranged

A lot of the people who have been to my Monday morning taster sessions say they would come to anything I put on, they just love the lets see if they will come not knowing what I have planned…are you coming? (they came.. it was Book Art)

Pom Pom Making 

Card Making & Origami 

It could be an Easter Card, Birthday, New Baby you decide or if you have time make them all. I have lots of lovely bits and bobs to decorate your cards. and if you’ve never used a Cuttlebug before they are great fun. Origami dresses and shirts are fun to make and really look great on a card.

Lino Print  

Below is lino in action, you paint over what you have inscribed into the lino giving you a print of your design, a morning of having a go and if you like it and want to be taught  professionally I can highly recommend Amanda Hillier or Jacqui Dodds both local artists who run workshops.

Doodle Art  

Come and doodle together. Inspired by The Doodle Boy a local child who’s teacher wanted him to stop doodling in his school books, his parent took him to a Shrewsbury art club called Bloom where his drawings were spotted on their instagram page by a local restaurant called Number 4..The Doodle Boys work is now all over one of their walls. (hes just 10yrs)

Mandala Stone Painting

Loose yourself by simply painting a stone in the mandala style

Creative Writing (just for fun) 

This is very much a just for fun session. If you have ever thought there is a story in your head waiting to be told but you’ve just not got the time to put pen to paper this is the morning that might make you go home and make a start… If you can make a few words rhyme maybe we could do some poetry together, its just a morning to put pen to paper maybe we will read a short story together and all have a go at writing an ending or be inspired by a photograph..who knows. Just come and enjoy the space the tea the cake and the lunch. 


Card Making  

Come and play with the Cuttle Bug machine enjoy gluing and sticking your creation on to card and if you’ve enjoyed the Calligraphy taster day maybe try your skill out here too

Sourdough Bread  

This is a demonstration morning, you will have the opportunity to make your own sourdough starter to take home if you wish to, or simply sit & relax and watch the show. This is very much a tongue in cheek morning …a, “DO as Sarah Say’s not as she does.” Many a sourdough disaster has been frizbeed across the field, all captured on social media, but also many has been enjoyed with Sarah’s award winning marmalade at breakfast time.


Come and have a go or bring a project you never find the time to complete.

Book Art

Other taster days we’ve enjoyed 

  Knitting, Cross Stitch & Watercolour 

All can be repeated just let me know what appeals to you or if you have a new idea get in touch


Christmas Decoration Making

Bring Your Xmas Cards to Write 

Enjoy a mince pie and a complimentary glass of sherry while writing you cards around my kitchen table with others. Ill provide Christmas rubber stamps to brighten up your cards or envelopes, how wonderful to be so organised this year. If you need a break from writing you could always join in the xmas decoration making production line.