bloody empty shoe boxes

I wanted to go and play tennis this morning, but as I had already played both Wednesday and Thursday mornings taking up valuable decluttering time, and what with getting the bedrooms ready for the guests and making cake for their arrival, (remember … Continue reading

Post 8 Cluttered Head

At the moment I’m feeling a bit in Limbo with all this decluttering lark, our bedroom is just so tidy its unrecognizable, admittedly I’ve still to finish putting all our stuff back into it properly but its lovely not to have … Continue reading

The Ugly Ornament

Ok back on track..I think my previous post I waffled on too much  so here we go.. Amongst all the clutter that’s lurking behind that door is  “The Ugly Ornament”, now months and months ago when yet again I was … Continue reading

Diary Ribbons

Today’s task I set myself while peering at what was lurking behind that door, was to move 2 large items, a dining table and a small wardrobe and put into the room behind the kitchen. This was achieved quite swiftly to … Continue reading

Getting Started

Last week I had to wait till Wednesday as I needed a dry day, I had bought tarpaulin from Charlies, a local shop in Shrewsbury along with some lovely lavender to plant out at the front of the house. I had … Continue reading

Its Time…

A few weeks ago I helped a friend start to declutter a room in her beautiful home, (I must give her a ring and see if any more floor space has been regained) I was there for 3 hours, first … Continue reading