Whats Lurking Behind That Door


IMG_0037This blog was born back in July 2015, My realisation that the clutter behind that door was not going to magically disappear all by itself.

Moving into this beautiful Victorian house in 2007 bringing with us an attic full of stuff …the usual car-boot items etc etc  and realising there were no attic, shed or garage space, things just got dumped behind that door. Then when my lovely mum passed away in 2011 her things got dumped behind there too.

I run a B&B in Shrewsbury called Ferndell I want to be able too leave that door open and not break my neck every time the door bell rings rushing to make sure its closed.

The intention was to run this blog for a year…it would follow my decluttering journey and hey presto in 12 months I would have cleared and redecorated both this room and the room behind my kitchen.

Moral of this story/blog  is..Have a realistic time scale for your decluttering



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