Decluttering my Head

This morning I’ve woken up with all sorts of ideas of how to sell The Lovely Thing..flying around in my head. Before setting up this blog I would lye awake thinking of all sorts of ideas of how to get rid … Continue reading

Panda Painting

The room behind that door has been left open for the past couple of weeks as we have had the decorator in, doing the Hall Stairs and landing. Now this time last year there would have been no way I … Continue reading

The Lovely Thing is….

I spied The Lovely Thing back in July amongst the clutter Lurking behind that door, at the end of my blog post called ” Diary Ribbons”   I wrote…. …”One photo I will share with you later, is something lovely in the far … Continue reading

Piano In the Attic

I recently discovered one of the mums from school found motivation from reading this blog as well as the book I’ve mentioned by Marie Kondo, and had a massive clear out over the half term. 6 years worth of stuff was collected from … Continue reading

The Lovely Thing

So my husband-Stuey, is still Lurking behind that door and doing a splendid job of restoring the sash windows, filling in the holes in the ceiling from the extra lights, rubbing the walls above the picture rail down where the wallpaper has … Continue reading

The Top Floor

The room behind the kitchen has not been touched but I’m really pleased I finished my daughter Mae’s curtains and they are hanging in her newly decorated room. (Mae and her sister Bethan share the top floor of the house) … Continue reading

The Chinese Lantern

My decluttering is spreading to other areas of the house, Ive swallowed 2 decluttering books since starting my 1 years mission to rid 2 rooms of clutter and last week we had new carpet laid in my teenage daughter Mae’s … Continue reading