bloody empty shoe boxes

I wanted to go and play tennis this morning, but as I had already played both Wednesday and Thursday mornings taking up valuable decluttering time, and what with getting the bedrooms ready for the guests and making cake for their arrival, (remember I run a B&B) distributing flyers for my workshop next week  & school runs, it’s not left any time for me to get stuck into the last few bits lurking behind that door this week, and to be honest everything else was getting a bit neglected, so tennis was a no-no today.

At breakfast this morning chatting with my guests they asked what my plans were for  the day,  I explained I was setting aside time for my decluttering mission  they  totally related to what I was doing..or trying to do, my guest told me she had a cupboard of yogurt pots she had collected “as they may come in useful”, she had about 50 and they fall out the cupboard every time she opens it, we did have a giggle about it, I  told her about my ugly ornament I also told her I would mention her yogurt pots in my next blog post, her and her daughter are with me for another day so hopefully by the time she go’s home she will be ready to chuck the damn things in the recycling.

Anyhow I allowed myself and hour to go through stuff before the school run and I IMG_5141discovered box after box of empty shoe boxes…whats that all about? now my mum had loads of shoe boxes, but they had her shoes in them, why am I keeping empty shoe boxes…well not anymore they are in the recycling

Its surprising what you can achieve in a short burst of time, I’m looking forward to helping my friend again on Monday, the one who  inspired me to get started, she had to reschedule due to work commitments, also I’m hoping to get the carpet up this weekend. I really thought once the kids were back at school Id get lots of opportunity to get back to sorting through what’s lurking behind that door hopefully next week I will be better organised.



bloody empty shoe boxes — 4 Comments

  1. So glad to see your getting two lots of tennis in Sare – much more mind cleansing than a tidy house 🙂 x

    • Haha thanks Fi, looking forward to the charity tennis day on Thursday but after that I will have to face the real task of sorting through all the stuff Ive stashed away in the room behind the kitchen as the room lurking behind that door “should” be totally empty…Im loving this I know Im sad:)

  2. I have to wait until the children arent around to get rid of shoe boxes as apparently they are great for ‘craft’ even though they never seem to do anything with them…..

    • trouble is I think..they need our help and were always too busy. My girls are 18 and 14 now, but I remember my eldest at around 12, her and her friends asking in the shoe shops in town for empty shoe boxes and making little rooms inside them, with little beds made out of matchboxes they were hanging around for years under her bed gathering cute though