Can’t see the Wood for the Trees

Back in July, the 16th to be presice, I wrote my first blog post titled – “Its Time” the last few lines read:-

I could do this as a job, I could help people declutter, sort through their things, my children are at school I have time in the day after I have done breakfast for guests. I would love it…. and then I thought…I need to do this for myself ,..Its Time

So I gave myself a realistic time scale of one year to clear though my own clutter in 2 large rooms and I’ve been blogging the progress regularly …

Fast forward 8 months and 23 blog posts later and Im really making progress Whats lurking behind that door right now is a beautiful room redecorated and waiting for my friend to bring back the roman blind being made for the little window my husband has restored and this week I’m proud to say I helped a lady-lets call her Fern, to start on her own decluttering journey. She agreed to be my guinea pig after reading my latest blog post “piano in the attic”

Now we all have that area where its easier to shove that “thing” into, rather than put it away where it really belongs, whether its because we just don’t have time or cant be bothered, for me at the moment its the room behind the kitchen. But when that area get so full you cant close the door any more and the mess starts to encroach on the rest of the house you need a little help, be it from a friend or a professional.

The problem can get so overwhelming you just cant see the wood for the trees, that’s when I think your love and pride in your home can start to disintegrate, you can get used to seeing the mess you may stop inviting friends round as its too embarrassing, getting used to it climbing over “stuff” to get to  wherever, becomes the norm..Thats where Fern was at.

To let someone into your home to help is a massive decision and I would like to thank Fern for inviting me in. She was ready to face it due to following my blog and our chance meeting the other week mentioned in my previous post. Below are 2 Before and After photos showing how the clutter had spread from her “dumping ground room” out onto the Landing.











To show Fern I totally understood, I showed her my 3 photos hiding in my phone of what really was lurking behind that door before I started on my decluttering journey.

Fern clearly could not see the wood for the trees..just where to start? but I cant tell you how satisfying it was to drive home knowing I had helped someone gain their home back, she now has the task of  sorting through the “stuff” which is contained in one room only. The rest of her home is now in order even the utility which she did the minute I left.

So Fern –  keep up the good work, and thankyou for giving me permission to put up your photos on here, your room isn’t going to get cleared in a weekend or a week we discussed that its going to take time, you’re a busy working mum but have taken the first step.

Through my own decluttering this last week I stumbled across a box full of my mums bit and bobs which thanks to my tweeting  @fern_dell is going to take me to Ludlow next week but will blog about that next time.


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