Christmas and a new Diary

My neighbour’s lounge floor still has not been laid and he’s still decorating so his 2 beautiful large sofas didnt make it over to his house for Christmas as planned they are still in my room behind that door not that we have had a second to go in there to start taking off the ceiling paper with all the Christmas stuff going on.

The beauty of having a room full of clutter leading up to Christmas is..its been a great place to hide the children’s presents…I was able to put the wrapped presents into black bags, then into large empty see through boxes and stack them. (empty-thanks to my previous decluttering over the last few months) So in the room behind the kitchen, in amongst the boxes of clutter, the children’s presents from Santa sat well camouflaged.

As no decluttering has been done, what I plan to do when I take the decs down, is sort through what has not been used this year and reduce what going back up stairs to be stored for the next 11.5 months.  Should have done that with the Halloween stuff come to think of it.

Christmas is not a time for decluttering its a time for creating mess, over indulging, making new years resolutions, visiting friends & family mum was not one for christmas she always felt sorry for those for whatever reason didn’t enjoy Christmas and were maybe lonely, but what she did enjoy was spoiling her grandchildren and she did that so well.

Yesterday I went upstairs to my daughter Mae’s room  she needs a new bed and carpet and would like it painted with one wall having wallpaper.  With this in the back of my mind I thought I would go and tidy it up a bit but found within an hour Id totally emptied her things into boxes and taken up the carpet, the room was totally empty, and I can only blame it on my latest book purchase..IMG_5533The Life Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo I find the title a bit embarrassing, I mean- Life Changing ..come on, but all over Christmas I’ve sat and read this book from cover to cover, Ive rolled my eyes a lot at some of the advise in this book but I still couldn’t put it down.

..So when Mae’s room is painted, wallpapered, curtains, carpet and new bed in -we will go through ALL her things and I will ask her about each item “does this bring you joy?” if it does its a keeper, other wise the idea is to not have it in her this space.

Oh while we are on the subject of Mae, I just want to share with you my Christmas present I received from her. As you may or may not know I run a Bed and Breakfast in Shrewsbury called Ferndell and a very early blog post I put up was called Diary Ribbons, basically during a decluttering day I came across all my 7 diaries from 2007 for the B&B I placed them all together in a cupboard with the little page holder ribbons hanging over the shelf…they gave me joy just the sight of those ribbons, silly isn’t it but anyway my gift from Mae was my 2016 diary she knew I hadn’t got round to getting one but what was so lovely she customised the front for me with little pictures of my world and quotes I say to her …And I love it!IMG_5534

I also love the tube of 3 pink tennis balls my other daughter Bethan, got me with … #Sarah   printed on them




Christmas and a new Diary — 5 Comments

    • Thanks Fi, couldn’t mention one with out the other, especially as they love hearing the bog posts..or I like to think they love hearing me read them to them through the tears

  1. Hi Sarah
    Just came across your blog and I’m finding it wonderfully fascinating to read. I started decluttering my study – its use to being changed to a playroom as I am starting up my childminding business after quitting my teaching job in July. I too have just finished reading Marie Kondo’s book. Some bits are wacky, but like you, I couldn’t put it down. I bought it out in California whilst visiting my parents in October and when I came home, I was finally fired up to make a start on my study. It’s going to take ages….but at least I’ve made a start. Good luck to you in your endeavor. I’ll keep reading your blogs.
    All the best
    Purley on Thames

    • Hi Bridget, glad your enjoying reading my decluttering journey. How exciting starting up your own business have you taken before and after photos I love those, My pictures of the room lurking behind that door are so embarrassing but determined to post them at the end of this blog. OMG isnt the book just crazy..saying thankyou to your handbag for doing such a great job today as you lie it down to rest for the night emptied..haha

    • Hi Bridget, hows that study coming on?…dare I ask ….and I hope your enjoying your new childminding business Sarah