Clear Your Clutter Day

This tin sat high up on the top shelf of my mums wardrobe, as I grew up, all I knew was it IMG_6228contained important papers. Since being in my possession its been sat hidden in a cardboard box amongst all the clutter along with my mums Tapestry bag full of yarns, frames and an unfinished tapestry dog.IMG_6227 For some reason I don’t want it going to the charity shop so through twitter I found a community art craft studio called Loudwater Studio in Ludlow who are happy to take the tapestry bag and contents.

This week I popped round to help one of my B&B friends, remember I run Ferndell B&B in Shrewsbury, to talk her through selling an item on ebay, she is a collector of all sorts of interesting things decorating her home why have one lamp in a conservatory when you can have …well..lots. Why have one tray in a corner of your conservatory when you can make a feature with 10. and vintage tins lots of them on top of the kitchen cupboards, its not untidy in the slightest but she is ready to let stuff go…so I will be interested to see how many things get put onto ebay now she knows how easy it is especially as the first item we put on, on Thursday afternoon has sold already.IMG_6355

Today Saturday March 19th was National Clear Your Clutter Day by Money Magpie I followed its progress on twitter using their hashtag #clearyourclutter  inspiring people to donate to charity/upcycle&recycle/swap or something Ive not done yet during all of my 8 months of decluttering…”SELL” the idea was if  you had a question they had experts on hand to answer your declutterig questions and give advise. So down off the top shelf in the room behind the kitchen came the green plastic box as inside was my mums collection of Shrewsbury Coalport each piece all 29 of them wrapped in Nov 2011 newspaper now on ebay with 7 days to go. I also put up a wooden toy box on wheels onto FB sellers and it sold for £5 straight away. and 2 spanish dresses my mum bought my girls in spain some years ago went to one of the school mums for her 2 little girls along with a sparkly bag and hair band… Oh and a Thomas the Tank umbrella went to a neighbours little boy..But the Thomas the tank trains and brio track are going no where, Charlie spent hours playing with it, running track under the guests feet at breakfast..but not any more sadly, far to babyish now he’s the grand old age of 8.

My mums tin now contains a different kind of important papers ..the sympathy cards from her funeral October 2011 which I will sit through and read one of these days.



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