Colouring Pencils

The pantry floor has steadily become a balancing act over the summer holidays with school bags dumped on it,  bits of homework paper fallen off the shelf onto it, carrier bags strewn all over it,  for some reason old batteries seem to have found their way to end up on it and so has my bag of the children’s old colouring crayons along with a bag of ikea tealights and some candles.

So when I’ve needed say a tin of tomatoes,  I’ve had to lean over all this stuff to reach the shelf and over time the bag of pens has split and there they’ve sat, pens all over the floor what on earth the guests must have thought (remember I run a B&B) or the ladies on the collage workshop come to think of it, but I’ve simply got used to it.

So just now I’ve lifted everything off the floor and it took all of about 10 minutes I hoovered the lovely old floorboards in there and scooped up the pens into a new carrier bag. I would like to think I will sort them into their individual colours ( I saw a friends little girl do this it looked really pretty & very organised) and place them in nice containers..time will tell if i get round to it.IMG_5188.A short post today as a little bird told me-posts are a bit long…Ok time for the school run



Colouring Pencils — 2 Comments

  1. Guilty! I can only send so much time reading about your tidying up or I’ll have no time to do my tidying up and I had a very important visitor coming today. See you on Friday. x

    • Oi …its not just tidying up its Decluttering and I write the blog posts to keep me on target but then forget that someone might just read them ..haha ..but thanks for the feedback xx