Conkers Part 2

A few posts ago..”the shoe box post” I mentioned a guest I had staying (remember I run a B&B) who had about 50 empty yogut pots in a cupboard which all fell out each time she opened the door. I sent her one of my B&B post cards last week with just the words “YOGUT POTS” written on it..she text me yesterday saying “It was lovely to have a card in the post today from Ferndell and it had the desired effect. I now have an empty cupboard which is wonderful. Thank you very much”.  It reminded me of when I first had the idea of doing decluttering as a job to help people clear/sort their stuff,  then realised I had better sort my own clutter out first and wrote my first blog post “its time“.

So how lucky was I…the day after posting my last blog post “conkers” my brother popped round and after a cup of tea and a natter he offered to take up the carpet grippers and knock out the fireplace that I had struggled to do myself that had been lurking behind that door so while he got to work so did I, on taking off the secondary glazing to the stained glass windows…Job done!!!DSC_0159

A week on Monday the gorgeous Mark will come and plaster over where the fireplace was, enabling my husband (also gorgeous) to build storage units in its place & across the whole wall.. .not sure when that will be, as I will have to fit in between his “ladies” (my husband is a cabinet maker come wood guy and has lots of “ladies” he does jobs for) if its before Xmas I’m still on target with this 1 year project/blog so all’s good. This will store a lot of stuff I will be keeping that’s somewhere among the clutter in the room behind the kitchen 

Just quickly as I mentioned my conkers post I wanted to say how lucky I was also the day after I posted it, as a reader of the blog popped round with a handful of conkers which I thought was just so touching..I wonder if I give a mention about cream cakes or prosecco will another reader pop round with …no no stop being silly Sarah.IMG_5221

Conkers pictured on top of my mums beautiful box made by my husband for her ashes, with the ironwork by my brother in law 


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