Decluttering my Head

This morning I’ve woken up with all sorts of ideas of how to sell The Lovely Thing..flying around in my head. Before setting up this blog I would lye awake thinking of all sorts of ideas of how to get rid of the clutter that was lurking behind that door and no matter how many lists I wrote or post it notes with 10mins taped to the door or elaborate timetables with days of the week and timeslots to get cracking, none of the clutter got sorted it just got moved around from one box to another, a tidy corner one weekend creating more space to just dump more stuff. Like I said in yesterday blog post referring to my daughters Panda Painting, the room had become a huge filing very big unorganised cabinet might I add. But for some unknown reason for me, writing a blog about the progression of clearing the clutter has worked, I’m 10 months on and its looking like I might finish earlier than my deadline of July 23rd.

So while making the beds just now, remember I run a B&B called Ferndell in Shrewsbury Shropshire, I was thinking well if the blog has worked for clearing the clutter perhaps if I put all my ideas down in a blog post, perhaps that will make me get on with actually doing something about selling The Lovely Thing..IMG_6402so feel free to hit the little cross in the corner now and go back to what you were doing rather than read through the ideas that were cluttering up my head this morning.






Contact childrens hospice, contact nurseries, contact schools-no they have no money, contact libraries-no they have no money,  post on FB to people who have little boys or know little boys who may just love Thomas The Tank, Tweet about it-tag in hospice etc Tanners window-no not a good idea PC people may not like the idea of a childrens bed displayed in a wine shop window, go back to country beds, shops with big windows twinkle twinkle and pied piper too small or maybe they would put a flyer..ummm footballers wifes-dont know any.???tweet Wayne Rooney, contact Julie on twitter charity goddess, raffle it, £5 a ticket half to hospice half to us as it would be over a £1000 for Stu to make another and we just want £500 as have tried it on Ebay and failed, could be a bed or a cool thing to sit on in a reading corner of a nursery..private schools parents who have younger ones

Phew I think my head is now uncluttered…action FB first Im thinking then a few tweets before the school run


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