Diary Ribbons

Today’s task I set myself while peering at what was lurking behind that door, was to move 2 large items, a dining table and a small wardrobe and put into the room behind the kitchen.

This was achieved quite swiftly to be fair, since I had made room for them the other weekIMG_5061 (please see my “getting started” post if you’ve not read it and want the emotional details).. anyhow, with the cute wardrobe in place it was a shame not to take advantage and put some stuff into it…so I chose office type things… my boxes with those important paper things in, like passports, car/house insurance, MOT, birth certificates you know the type. I found myself not just shoving them in but arranging them so they looked pleasing when I opened the door. What I was most pleased with was finding all 8years of my B&B diaries from 2007 I particularly like it how the little ribbons flopped over the shelf..I so need to get a life I know, but just had to photograph them for the blog.

I knew it wasn’t just me that had these areas of clutter, comments on my FB page have confirmed that, one said “I have a room like that-its one of the nicest rooms in the cottage but being the biggest it was the natural dumping room”.  Hopefully I will inspire others to “tackle their messy areas” as another suggested.

As you may or may not know I run a Bed and Breakfast in Shrewsbury its called Ferndell B&B and it has its own Facebook page and Twitter account @fern_dell I mentioned Id started this 12 month blog and one Shropshire Mon & others did  comment they wanted to see the room but I replied with “no chance”..but who knows? as the months progress and the room starts to take shape then maybe, I might share the “before” photos  in my phone of the room luking behind that door . One photo I will share with you later, is something lovely in the far corner up on its end but that will be in a future post. ..plus there’s no room in the room behind the kitchen “yet” to put the lovely thing.





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