Do you get holidays yourself

Running a B&B with a young family to me is ideal, I’m at home if they’re unwell, I can go to school stuff without having to ask for time off..and if families come to stay I’ve sort of been there if you know what I mean as mine are now 9 15 and 19.

This morning Ive done the breakfast (or #ferndellbreakfast if you do twitter) for a family with 2 small children, I love having children to stay, I usually get them helping cracking eggs, washing up, or recently 2 little girls visiting family here in Shrewsbury from Singapore filled up the bird feeders out the front for me, but this morning’s children played happily making paper aeroplanes and colouring with the paper I left out on the breakfast table.

.A question I’m asked a lot is “do you get time for a holiday yourself” well this weekend I’ve put a big line through the Friday and Saturday in the diary as I’m just off to Aberdovey a lovely seaside town on the Welsh Coast..ssshh don’t tell too many people its another hidden gem. Its nearly a 2 hour drive from here, I’m staying with my girlfriends, one of whom has a caravan so no husband no children just a bit of ME time,,img_4069 I wanted to post a pictutre of how the room behind the kitchen is looking since my decluttering mission, but i cant work out how to get the pic from my phone to the laptop and Im in a rush as Im being picked up in about 1/2 an hour so here is a pic of our lovely double bed in the double cant see the ensuite or sofa or picture window but I promise its all there just out of shot



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  1. Love your blog Sar. If you download the PhotoSync app , it’s fab for moving pics around between phone and laptop