Getting Started

declutteringLast week I had to wait till Wednesday as I needed a dry day, I had bought tarpaulin from Charlies, a local shop in Shrewsbury along with some lovely lavender to plant out at the front of the house.

I had contemplated taking everything out of both rooms at once, boxing it all up and simply storing it in one of those out of town storage places so at least my 2 rooms that needed attention would be empty and then I could spend time going through one box at a time..but.. I ran my latest idea to decrease the clutter past my husband who talked sense and suggested we put it into one room and concentrate on one room at a time. Beware if you go online to these companies sites, even for a quote, its followed up with a phone call from them, then emails and then another phone call..I told the truth and said “I’m piling it all into one room so won’t need your storage space” … thank you Mr King.

So I laid the tarpaulin on the grass and set to work to empty the room behind the kitchen which consisted of many boxes of stuff from the room lurking behind that door along with more boxes  many spare duvets and pillows (remember I run a Bed and Breakfast) mirrors, framed pictures, stair-gates, bags of stuff and so on, along with our dogs cage, poor Cadbury, his bed is in with all this clutter.

Of course all I had achieved so far was to move the stuff outside, but it sure felt good going back into that back kitchen room and being able to sweep right up into the now started the task of going through things. Are we keeping it? chucking it? charity shopping it? OR reading it and crying over it as the memories flood back, be it a card, a letter the contents of a hand bag the contents of  2 big green hospice bags that mums belongings had been stored in for nearly 4 years, her new pjs, new underwear her crossword puzzle book, my goodness was this painful the tears just kept coming and coming, so needless to say it took a trifle longer than I had anticipated boxes started to go back in and be stacked tidily and the dogs cage returned, I had created what I set out to achieve..some kind of order, but most importantly more room to put what was left lurking behind that door. 

The Next day I visited the Samaritans shop in Coleham and handed over a black bag full of mums many handbags her pjs and new underwear some childrens clothes a mirror and it felt good not sad… I had made a start.






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