Inside the pink plastic box

I started to write this post on Friday but I hadn’t done any more clearing since writing the last post so thought I would just do an update as to where I was at, with this decluttering lark.

I’m so glad I took photos of what was lurking behind that door in its entirety, I’ve come to the conclusion I was like the hoarder next door.  Looking back at the photos on my phone its an absolute disgrace what the room lurking behind that door looked like before I started this blog, which was only 4 months ago.

At least now, that room is empty and I am using it, yes it needs decorating and curtains and storage units, but I don’t have to climb over boxes to get in and I’m not ashamed to leaved the door open anymore. The electrician is coming on Monday to put up an extra pendant light fitting on the ceiling, I fancy 3 large round shades this will really brighten up the room the currant 2 lights are quite useless. We cancelled the handsome plasterer unfortunately and my husband is going to build storage units where the fireplace was so that money can go towards paint etc instead.

I’m using this room to dry the washing,(remember we run a B&B) house the table tennis table and sort the dry washing into our 5 new baskets,,,one for each of the household, so much better than all being dumped on our bedroom floor. I never got round to putting it in the kids bedrooms so it would just lay there until needed, everybody in the house knew if you were looking for a certain garment our bedroom floor was one of the place to look…well not anymore.

When this blog on my year of decluttering  comes to an end in July,  Im going to have a party (as it will be my birthday) and have prints of the cluttered photos blown up and put on the walls for all to see what was lurking behind that door  and in the room behind the kitchen. (my tiny handful of readers are all invited).

Now the beauty of writing this blog is its gets me moving, it makes me “do a bit more” so over the weekend with the thought of a new blog post looming and nothing to report I pulled out a few more boxes from the room behind the kitchen onto the kitchen table, I started with the pink plastic box-finding my Bethans’ first shoe (shes 19 on Sunday) all those years gathering dust in a cluttered boxIMG_5379

Why have I kept so much paper work, notes from a horticultural course I went on about 5 years ago, insurance renewal reminder letters from 3 years ago, empty envelopes, junk mail, ancient bank statements, kids notebooks with nothing in them, mostly stuff that should have been put in the bin a long time ago, but then I stumbled across a lovely photo of my mum and daughter Mae. at a family wedding about 12 years agoIMG_5381

That will have been taken after my mums first treatment of chemotherapy she always wore a headscarf with such style. The photo is black & white but I remember that particular headscarf was pink. Then I found her old phone along with mine I remember writing down our last text messages to one another, I wander where I’ve put that treasured bit of paper? and what will be on those old disposable cameras and films I found at the bottom of the pink plastic box.IMG_5380I went on to empty a few more boxes over the weekend and today before tennis I took a pile of items to the charity shop, including a large pile of my mums CDs oh how she loved Sinatra. Can someone tell me why I kept a bag of batteriesIMG_5386Well they will go with me to Aldi tomorrow and fill up their used battery box, I also removed 3 corner cupboards from the room behind the kitchen and put them on the Shrewsbury Sellers Face Book page so all in all quite a productive weekend which is brilliant considering on Friday I had nothing to report



Inside the pink plastic box — 6 Comments

  1. Well done sweetheart- that photo of Cath n Mae is so beautiful you should get jessops to make it into a big picture and hang it in the room where lovely Cath would have been so happy ironing for you. Learning to let things go takes time and you are doing fantastically well- looking forward to that party very much xxxx

  2. Well done, Sarah! Ooh, yes, notes from courses. Does ANYONE EVER look at them again?! But it feels like we should keep them, doesn’t it? These days, I try to avoid TAKING notes at courses. And I dump all copies of slides foisted on me when I get home. I figure it’s either gone in or it hasn’t. 🙂

    Looking forward to that party. 😉

    • Hi Rachel thanks, its going so well and lot of people are saying how its spurring them on to do their own little bit of decluttering. Hope you come to the party would be lovely to meet you in person rather than in just the virtual world and hey my wardrobe is a lot better organised since watching your video