Its Time…

A few weeks ago I helped a friend start to declutter a room in her beautiful home, (I must give her a ring and see if any more floor space has been regained) I was there for 3 hours, first hour having tea and chatting, ½ hour while she sorted washing ( a delay tactic I’ve put it down to) and then 1 ½ hours of moving stuff.. a sofa standing upright on its side from the middle of the room, we sat it up against a wall, we took a record player and various papers off a beautiful round table and placed the table in front of the lovely floor to ceiling window, we picked flowers out of the garden and put them in a delightful vase on that table. We went through a few boxes and found bits that were ok to go to the charity shop, things that had to be kept as sentimental value and ok to go in the black bin liner.It didn’t seem much, but, when my friends teenage daughter came home from school her words, bless her were “Oh wow mum I’ve never stepped this far into this room before.. its great”.

My friend and I made great progress and we chatted together saying if her and her 2 daughters came in of an evening together, now there was a sofa to sit on and space to actually get into the room they could choose a box from the large pile of boxes still to be sorted and go through one together rather than just keeping that door closed.

I had to leave as I had to pick my little boy from school but honestly I could have stayed there till bed time it was so interesting going through someone else’s things, some things just like mine..boxes of kids’ stuff, pens, papers, rubbers, purses, plastic MacDonald’s toys, school papers etc, other things that I might have been happy to throw away had a sentimental value so put on the keep pile, I found it easy to relate to the feeling of not wanting to part with things not wanting things to go to waste things having a bit more use left in them things that mum had made or given. Cycling to school I thought I could do this as a job, I could help people declutter, sort through their things, my children are at school I have time in the day after I have done breakfast for guests, I would love it, and then I thought… I need to do this for me…Its Time.


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