This is what was… Lurking Behind that Door

Ive been asked to speak about decluttering on my local radio station so this post is in anticipation of the hoards of listeners who rush to find my bog and gain a few tips, I do hope I manage to drop  Ferndell B&B into the conversation at some point, that’s my B&B I’ve been running for nearly 10 years, 8 of which I spent dashing down stairs trying not to break my neck every time the door bell rang to make sure a certain door had been closed in my hall,  as behind it was total clutter chaos.

img_5168I’ve never posted my 3 original pictures on this blog before, so to the readers who have followed this journey … hold your breath…. This is what was…Lurking behind that door.img_5167

I used to be very embarrassed looking at these pictures but now all the clutter has gone and the room is cleared redecorated beautiful and useful I just feel proud of myself for getting on with it and sticking to it.   So many times over the years I’ve just moved stuff around. img_5169Studying the picture above to the left I can see that was taken on a day I had been tidying up.. I can see carpet, I remember I used to move things a round a lot from one box to another trying to make it look tidier, but I never really sorted through the boxes  deciding what was staying and what needed to go. But on starting this blog in July last year  I took the brutal decision to empty the contents of what was lurking behind that door onto the lawn  along with even more clutter that was hiding in a room behind the kitchen. For me, keeping a blog and recording my journey  gave me the motivation to keep at it, I was ready. This room is now totally transformed and Im happy to report at long last The Lovely thing is now sold thank goodness so photos of the finished room will follow in the next blog post when hopefully the 3 lampshades will have been made by my husband ( I wont have the patience I know from watching it on you tube)

If you have a room, a few rooms, a whole house, garage shed attic wardrobe whatever it maybe, that needs a good sort though you have to “really want to” clear the mess/clutter, not just move it around-it has to become a priority each day unit it becomes a habit.

You have to make the space/time in your day to day life to do it. NOW may not be the right time and that’s fine, most importantly you have to set a realistic time scale. I used to think a good solid weekend and I could sort through those boxes, but what I had to admit was it was probably going to take a year.

Be honest with yourself-are you actually ever going to do that car boot? and if not there are so many ways to get that stuff out of your in Shrewsbury we have a Shrewsbury sellers page on Face Book, the Barnardos charity shop next door to the little sainsburys has parking spaces and the co-op on monkmoor rd has a clothes bin outside.

Remeber if you are saving your childrens clothes for siblings consider how long you need to wait for them to fit and what time of year born? no good when they’re ready to fit into that beautiful hand knitted jumper and its the middle of summer.

Jigsaws- if pieces are missing-PUT IN THE BIN

Being accountable eg draw a red cross on the calendar the day you start and keep adding those crosses hopefully you wont want  to break the chain for me it was writing my blog.

NEVER EVER stop to look through your old family photos or birthday cards letters etc leave till last..believe me you will loose valuable decluttering time.

I could go on but I hope this has been helpful and inspired you to get cracking on your sorting maybe start with the Christmas decs my last post might help click here

Do get in touch should you need help/advise with your decluttering or fancy a fun night with your friends… I offer an evening similar to a Tupperware party only no one has to buy any plastic, just drink prosecco while I inspire you with my decluttering journey chat.

Now go take a photo of your cluttered area, and keep it safe.








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