My Mum the Ring Leader

My mum always said my house was like a circus, so many people coming and going with lots of things going on (remember I run a bed and breakfast)… but back to the blog…

So the 3 corner cupboards cluttering up the room behind the kitchen went onto the Shrewsbury Sellers page of Face Book and were collected the next day,  but then my neighbour, who’s extension is nearing completion had their new Sofas delivered and I offered to store them while they finished off their decorating so now behind that door are 2 large sofas and my husbands scaffold tower which I need to strip the ceiling paper off, after the electrician came to fit the extra light pendant.

IMG_5395Any how.. I just feel happy I’m able to offer the space, and its only for a week or so as they obviously want them in for Christmas and to think a few months ago, I would have had room for the cushions and nothing else..its all good progress.

And good progress is what I made this morning, I picked a random cardboard box off the pile in the room behind the kitchen, just as my friend arrived who came to do a spot of cleaning, she says I’ve inspired her to clear her back room, she had sat and read all of my blog post this week in one go-in bed..all 17.(wow)IMG_5406

So in the box were all things of my lovely mums, who passed away 4 years ago. Some belts, a tiny book I bought her years ago called “The Gift of Happiness”,  jewellery, a few of her little wooden boxes, a letter opener from Malta, (mum was in the Wrens in her twenties and stationed there.) All these things I was happy to put back into the cardboard box, to go to charity along with her Bibles, apart from a small black one I found to commemorate the coronation in 1953, which mum had written in pencil on the inside cover aged 13th with her name and address-that was a keeper.IMG_5405

Out of the bibles took the many book marks, one with daffodils on-her favourite flower, marking pages of interest to her along with a little photo of her with my children-her grandchildren-her world, it was taken about 8 years ago as Charlie is just a baby in it and then I found a small get well note from my Mae..well that opened the flood gates, my poor friend had to stop doing the hoovering while I read it out to her, are the first few lines

“Dear Nan                                                                                                             I hope you are ok I have been worrying about you a lot, I hope you will come home soon and join the circus because you always need a ring leader to herd us all together…..”

I had a hug and then went to go back to the job in hand..more decluttering. The radio was on and the next tune was “Tears of a Clown”   (clown-circus) this then made us laugh, my friend said mum had sent it to cheer me up and would be saying “get on with your sorting”

The thing with decluttering, once you get your teeth into it, its quite addictive believe it or not and I was due to meet friends at a lovely hotel in town The Lion, so with the cardboard box done I then found lots of sparkly gift bags which joined the charity box but then came the CDs…so many CDs but I left them all in a box to sort another day.



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