On the Radio and Lampshades

IMG_2497I ended 2016 by talking decluttering on our local radio, how exciting is that?  I blogged about holding a decluttering chat night with prosecco and cake back in November click here should you fancy a read  and one of the attendees was a presenter from our local Shropshire radio. The evening inspired her to clear her clutter and so she invited me into the studio to discuss decluttering. New Year is often a time where people are prompted to have a good clear out so it was perfect timing. Now admittedly there may have been very few listeners being in between Christmas and New Year but presenter Vicky Archer pictured here and myself had a good natter about my declutterig journey, I gave out a few tips and even my B&B got a mention so I was delighted. My husband received a text from a friend who had been listening so at least I know there was one.

IMG_2548Lampshades were made on New Years Day for the room lurking behind that door by my husband. We bought the kits from a company on line called Dannells and the fabric from a local company in Shrewsbury called Simon Boyd.











The room lurking behind that door is starting to all come together and becoming the “doing room” I needed.

Over Christmas it was lovely to finally be able to use our table tennis table, to think its been sat amongst all my clutter for so long, also really pleased to have one room to dry my washing & sheets for the B&B rather than it spread out around the house and yesterday we won a bid on ebay for a desk, so when we have collected that, the room will look complete.

I use the word “look” as inside the big beautiful storage cupboards I have clutter rammed in boxes still needing sorting, I must get back to it, I’ve been very lax recently I’ve found it so easy to forget the clutter exists as its not been out on show, a little like when it was strewn all over this room I simply kept the door closed.

I only put the Christmas stuff away properly today its all been sitting in the middle of my daughters bedroom, shes away at university, so again ..re the clutter – out of site out of mind.

If  you feel you cant see the wood for the trees with your clutter maybe ask for help click here to read how I helped  “Fern” back in March. I received a message from her this week and a new photo of her spare room showing the desk, chair and computer all user friendly and no longer hidden under a mountain of stuff.

Lets not mention the room behind the kitchen.













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