One step forward two steps back

The trouble with having a spare room or flat surface come to think of it, I simply put stuff in or on it, so with the room lurking behind that door I can now get more stuff in it..because its pretty much empty.

Now I know I should be pressing on and keeping to my plan but since reading my new book “Banish Clutter Forever” Im finding myself tidying up little cluttered areas Ive simply got used to. One morning last week after having a little read in bed of my new book, I jump out of bed and cleared the porch area by the side door, its been full of load and loads of jam jars left over from pickling onions last October/November shoes/boots winter coats, my overflowing wash basket (which has made me realize I need 2 not 1 so must buy another) and its only a little area but in less than an hour I had bagged up the jam jars and put them in the boot of the car and generally  made it possible for my husband to walk though without having to climb over a load of clutter when coming in (its the entrance he uses at the side of the house after he has parked his van) I mopped the floor washed down the door washed the windows and window sill …why had I let it get so bad? and why hadn’t I cleared it before?..I keep walking down the hall and looking in, its so pleasing to see it tidy.

Not only that, I sorted out the toaster cupboard its a small cupboard with 2 shelves one for the toaster and one for the brown sauce red sauce salt pepper but its always cluttered/messy so I rearranged the order wiped all the crumbs out and now its easier to use without having to move the sauces to get to the toaster..a little thing but I feel more organised, I’ve also put a nice basket on the worktop for all the papers that pile up that I intend to sort out but don’t for weeks, it looks tidier and it making me feel better, like I want to keep it tidier (time will tell of course)

So the spare room lurking behind that door which is  no longer cluttered.. is.. for the next week going to be a holding room for all the personal stuff out of our bedroom… imagine clearing your bedroom and only leaving in it, the empty bed side cabinets & wardrobe and bed of course, same go’s for our ensuite bathroom its a great opportunity to totally put our room as clean and beautiful as our 2 guest rooms (remember I run a B&B) so today that’s my task making our bedroom another guest room ready for the Shrewsbury Folk Festival which is on over the coming bank holiday.

While this is going on Charlie is outside again selling his bird seed, plastic toys and some items which would go to a car boot found lurking behind that door only I know I will never do it..ok enough blogging this isn’t getting the bathroom cleaned


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