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At the moment I’m feeling a bit in Limbo with all this decluttering lark, our bedroom is just so tidy its unrecognizable, admittedly I’ve still to finish putting all our stuff back into it properly but its lovely not to have loads of clothes on the floor or stuff under the bed and because its tidy & uncluttered I’m making the bed in a morning, I know its shameful but I make the guests beds obviously, (remember I run a B&B) but I’m in too much of a rushing in a morning to make our own, also not all our clothes are back in the wardrobe yet they are still lurking behind that door so there’s plenty of room to put them in easily rather than the usual shove hard to one side to squeeze in another hanger …I clearly need to declutter that too. (making a mental note to go through all our clothes once children back at school)

Anyhow regarding the limbo feeling its September the kids go back to school on Tuesday… 5 days to go., its the new term a fresh start, and I’m desperate to get back to whats lurking behind that door its been a busy time at the B&B  and this book I’m reading “Banish Clutter Forever” I simply can’t put it down. One reader of this blog emailed me to say in my post a few days away and a book she thought the book I was referring to initially, when I mentioned the last book I had read…  well she thought I was referring to the Bible!   (she realized afterward it was of course 50 Shades) well you know its turning into my Bible..

I’m on the section where it talks about “the home office” which my initial reaction was it really doesn’t relate to me I’m decluttering 2 rooms and anyway I don’t have an office ..I simple lift the laptop off the kitchen worktop and use it on the kitchen table or if I’m in a rush use the laptop on the kitchen worktop which is most of the time to be honest…Oh how things are going to change.

In the past I’ve thought I could clear or sort a room in a weekend, I’m so glad I’ve been realistic with the timescale of this year long project and reading this book I’m discovering my trouble is….. I keep too much in my head and I forget stuff like …my Optitions appointments or stuff for the children for school, even though these will be on the calendar I’m too busy to look, my head is full of all the stuff to remember and I know “We’re all busy” as one mum in the playground told me years ago and made me feel 2 foot tall (who didn’t run her own business or have as many children as me) but anyhow I’ve tried writing it down doing boring lists… colour coding the different tasks of the day for example clothes washing, food shopping, making up the guest rooms making the cake for guests distributing flyers to promote workshop..making the flyers, tea prep picking up kids and slotting in time for admin and tennis of course. ,,Oh forgot cleaning.. I have then in the past pinned it up on the wall that is lurking behind that door out of site as feeling this is one step too far how sad to write it all down..but reading this book, that looks exactly what I should be doing on a daily basis to get “myself” organised and decluttered as well as my 2 rooms, but if I remember correctly I’m sure I did mention in another post one of the uses for the room could be an office area its all good.

By the way I’ve rang my friend  who inspired me to start this journey mentioned in my first blog post “its time”  she said she had been meaning to phone me to thank me for what we achieved, so when I told her I was ringing to see if she wanted me to come round again she said “really..would you?”… I just can’t wait I’m going on Tuesday 8th the day the kids go back to school, I told her how shes’ inspired me to get started on my own rooms of clutter and that I was writing a blog about it so I look forward to updating you on how we get on Then the plan for 9th is to lift the carpet that s lurking behind that door that will feel like a megga achievement.





Post 8 Cluttered Head — 2 Comments

  1. Inspiring, as always.

    Won’t it be fab to have a dedicated office area? That’s a great goal to work towards.

    You’re so right about how easy it is to underestimate how long it takes to declutter. The trouble with underestimating is that it’s discouraging when you don’t get as much done as you thought you would. I bet having realised that is helping.

    Would you be up for a couple of suggestions?

    First, don’t just make a mental note to go through your clothes – schedule it. Put a specific time in your diary/calendar. It’s more likely to happen that way, plus you might be surprised at how much of a stress buster it is. Mental notes are a way to ensure our conscience is always nagging us. Scheduling calms the conscience down – because it can see that the job IS going to get done.

    Of course, this will only work if you check your calendar/diary – as you’ve identified yourself. Hey, why do you think it’s sad to write it down? That’s worth considering, I reckon. I’ve got a hunch that, when you get to the root of that story, and shift it, you’ll have a major breakthrough in productivity.

    Second, when you put the clothes back in the wardrobe, follow the tip I explain in this video.

    Thanks for another great post.

    • Thanks Rachel Im a fan of your before and after photos and I will be posting some of mine later in the blog..and your right I do need to make a date for the wardrobe clear out..thanks for the video Im not sure Ill ever be that organised but might help the handful of people reading this blog. take care