Sarah Talking Dirty

img_1779Having enjoyed a night away with my girlfriends last week at the seaside, On Wednesday I enjoyed a night away with my husband, at the fabulous  Ettington Park Hotel in Warwickshire just over an hour and half drive away it was a whilwind break and as soon as we were home Thursday afternoon I was sat at the laptop typing up handouts in preparation for a workshop I was holding that night.

Ive had the idea since the beginning of this blog of possibly starting a little business of helping people or inspiring people to crack on and get their clutter sorted. My initial idea was to hold a “decluttering workshop” but I needed to test it out and get some feedback.

A few weeks ago I put a request on Facebook for Guinea Pigs, not the furry type but volunteers who were fed up with the clutter in their homes  to come round, I would provide tea and cake and share some of the tips id learnt along the way on my 1 year decluttering mission.

I was just about to start my introduction speech, when I thought I had better introduce the ladies to each other first ,I love a spot of spontaneity and after I had done so, one of the ladies (who works for the local radio station) asked if she could hijack the evening for a moment (how exciting I thought)  her phone instantly turned into a microphone  and she interviewed one of the other ladies there on the spot about her new business, The Blind Date Book Company. Now had this all been planned how nervous and how much time would she have spent preparing what she would say, instead she was more concerned of taking the spotlight off me and my decluttering evening, but I insisted she should just go with the flow, things like this don’t come along everyday grab it and besides the interview started with “so where are we this evening?” and I had the pleasure of saying “Ferndell B&B”  (my friends will tell you if I can get a plug in about the B&B I’m certainly not shy)

img_1788Anyway back to MY evening.. and for an hour we drank tea, ate cake and shared our cluttered photos & stories be it the wardrobe nightmare, too much stuff in too many boxes or I cant have a cleaner because there’s too much stuff in the way. I did a short demonstration of folding T Shirts the Marie Kondo way & I gave out the handout Id been working on that afternoon which had little bullet point reminders of tips from the evening they could take away.

So the feed back I received from the ladies  –  it was a good night, they enjoyed it, they felt inspired and thought I could charge £10 a head for the evening but thought not to promote it as a “decluttering workshop” rather spice it up something on the lines of referring to it like an Anne Summers or Tupperware party only no one has to buy anything, just get a group of  friends together to hear Sarah’s inspiring talk on decluttering over Prosecco & Cake.

So as helpful as all that was and I did thoroughly enjoy the evening, what do I call my decluttered workshops instead? Im thinking on the lines of Sarah’s dirty clutter talk…Sarah Talking Dirty…Dirty no no.but seriously.ideas are welcome.

And as a foot note i just wanted to add one of the ladies since the clutter chat evening (the radio lady actually) tweeted ” Went to a decluttering evening at Ferndell and its been incredible. Not stopped since..#inspired #chairyshop #tryit




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