Shrewsbury Treasure Hunt 2019

Unscramble letters to find where to start   (There are 13 Pictures to accompany the Trail)

EBAY BETH _________________

What is the statue on the right, holding in their right hand above the door ______

How many white stone balls above a king or queens headdress ___________

How many red balls surround the mail _________________

Unscramble the letters FULL TWIST RIDE _____________    __________

Walk under the bridge, past the shed   (picture 1)

Go into the garden on your right

Where are pic 2 _____________  pic 3______________  pic 4 _________

How old was Viscount Hill _________

What animals are either side of pic 5 _____________

What are the 2 missing letters LC__ + __TH            ____ _____ near pic 6

Exit the garden turn right

What was increased by 26 ½ feet _____________

What is now where Lington Cycle Cars once was _____________

Who’s telephone number was this 01743 358239 _____________

If are in G6 what is in B8 ____________________

What was established in 1842 ____________

Admire the black and white buildings on your left as you walk up

Go through the alleyway of directions

Turn right what is the name of the tapas bar ________________

What colour is Bank Cottage door ___________

What does HTH stand for __________________

Turn left hope you’ve not missed out pic 7..where was it ____________

What dates before 1618 ____________

Name the shop below the pretty iron balcony _________________

Opposite pic 8  – who is Margharita E J Bates ____________________

Take a left down the street you could the street__________

Number 1 where? Picture 9 _____________

What’s the buzz at No5 _______________

Where is Picture 10

Name the independent establishment for children ________________

See pic 11 whats on town walls _____________________

continue down hill

When was the crescent built _____________

Go down by 25 what does SLTC stand for _________________________

How many etched balls excluding the logos ______________

Name the tree house ______________

Walk through the 4 bollards turn right

When did Marjorie Rose Croft pass away ________________

What 17 is by the bridge you are about to walk under___________________

What did the Kingsland Toll Bridge replace & when _______      ______Pic 12

take the far right footpath going up. walk through the gate.walk to the top turn right

Name the Row ______________

Who is Ivor R N Davies ___________________

Turn left at the no entry sign

What number is the The Manse ___________

Name the creature  on the private drive plaque at the end of the cobbles on the right ___

past the C&H turn right name the guest house _______________

How many stone wreaths ____________

What’s above no way through ___________

What date did Old St Chads church collapsed __________

Name the Bridal Shop _________________

To end the Treasure hunt find the Bonus Pic

If you’ve done the hunt just for fun I hope you’ve enjoyed it.

If you would like to be in with a chance of winning the treasure

-post your answers to Ferndell B&B 14 Underdale Rd Shrewsbury SY2 5 DL

Your Name ____________ Phone Number ______________

Closing date Easter Monday 8.30pm Good Luck.

Pic 8

Pic 6

Pic 1

Pic 11

pic 4

Pic 9

Bonus Pic

Pic 2

Pic 3

Pic 5

Pic 12

Pic 10

Pic 7