Shrewsbury Treasure Hunt 2018

Unscramble the letters to find where to start

I NOT A TIN STAR ______ __________

Bonus Point if you spot pic 11 on your travels

What colour is the door to the left of the moustashed man (Picture 1)_______

What number would you ring for a pizza _________

What can you have done to the right of 17A __________

What is the date below the books (Picture 3) ____________

Whos feet are these ___________

Walk left behind the seated man

Date on the cream wall in the court yard near Barnett Fair is ______

Button and What _________

Left at Windsor place

Whos home is behind St Marys Church (picture 4) __________

Memorial Cross – errected in whos memory S______S______A______

Name the street see Picture 5 _________

Walk Toward St A________ Church

Whos is licensed to sell Alcohol for Rupert _________

If you stand on Picture 6 what 3 can you see _________

Name the Shop Picture 7 ___________

Continue down the bank over road through the passage to the right

What Animal is on the Sign of the restaurant thats not silver _______

Look up for the Tea Pot …what is Light __________

When was the Market Hall built Answer near to pic 8 _________

Look Up for the Salop Fire Office what is it now __________

With jigsaw on your right & starbucks on your left walk through the Arch

Where is this ..Pic 9 __________

Walk through Coffee House Passage & up the 7 steps

Whats tells you to Look Up T_____ W _____T______

Right at the auctioneers, admire number 10 & Right at A ______B______

Rearrange to find FLYN ECHO ______ ______and take a left

What stop is by Ashley __________

Follow the flow of the traffic towards the artisan bakery

Morgans is on one end what creature is on the other _________

Britains favourite what is under the clock tower ________

What Students can have English courses on a brass plaque ________

What number is the Yellow Door _______

What date was St Chads built _______

Follow the cobbles on your left

What 3 are open here (Picture 10) _____ ________ ________

If you’ve made it to here and the gates are open beware the Ghost of Scrooge lies beyond…are you brave enough to go in and find his Tombstone. THE END

picture 7

Picture 11

Picture 6

Picture 5

Picture 8

Picture 10

Picture 9

picture 3

picture 4

picture 1

picture 2