Social Media Detox & a Desk

IMG_2927I finally have a desk, and I love it..  it sits where a lot of clutter once lived.  I found a certificate in amongst the clutter which I had put for safe keeping for when one day I had bought a frame and had an “officey” type place to display it, that day came this week.

The certificate is for a competition I won on twitter – Small Business Sunday #SBS, run by Theo Pathitis. Each year the winners are invited to a conference where there are inspirational speakers and opportunities to meet up with companies that can help your business. The first year I attended I pitched to Red Letter Days and now my B&B is on their website. This years conference is taking place tomorrow #sbsevent2017, I’m looking forward to getting back into the Social Media world after having a mini social media detox.

At breakfast recently I observed a mother sit through her whole Full English while not engaging with her family but looking through her phone, now I’m not that bad, but I know the social media apps on my phone for me are like an addiction, I’m drawn to them far too often in the day and after listening to Ed Sheeran on TV last week talk about how he got rid of social media, I thought, I need to do a bit of that.

The trouble is I love using social media but It has to be the main cause of procrastination these days. How long do we spend scrolling through someone else’s life on face book, or whiling away the hours looking at beautiful pictures on pinterest or instagram or tweeting with people we have never met and are never likely to meet when we should be doing something more productive instead.

Well I’m guilty of it all, but I like to justify it by saying its to promote the business my Bed and Breakfast business in Shrewsbury called Ferndell.

IMG_2915So I’ve deleted the apps off my phone and have just gone cold turkey and had a solid week of no social media. This means my followers are unaware Ive read a book, joined a book club, made more marmalade, created a competition to win a nights B&B for those attending the #sbsevent tomorrow, bought a beautiful new bee cake cover, made a banana loaf, that Im loving my beginners yoga class or the fact I drove to Bristol to collect the gorgeous desk I bought through ebay.

Also this week I found lurking behind that door another certificate I’d kept safe in amongst the clutter this one was a silver award for my marmalade making a few years ago, so I thought I would enter this space.

Normal service will resume tomorrow, firstly, the conference is all down to twitter connections and secondly its how I share this blog, however I will be approaching my return to social media with a conscious decision to reduce my usage.

So could it be social media is stopping you actually getting on with the task in hand? There are so many hints and tips out there sometimes it better to just close the lap top, put the phone down, stand up and get on with it – and stop procrastinating. That clutter wont just magically disappear.







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