The Chinese Lantern

My decluttering is spreading to other areas of the house, Ive swallowed 2 decluttering books since starting my 1 years mission to rid 2 rooms of clutter and last week we had new carpet laid in my teenage daughter Mae’s room,(this room was not one of my 2 rooms to sort) my husband decorated it and I’ve bought fabric to make her new curtains. We’ve been through her clothes together by putting them ALL  in the middle of the floor and taking each piece and deciding if she loves it or not. We’ve also been through all of her things so they are ready to go back into her room once the curtains are made and hung back up, again only keeping what she really loves, advise given by Marie Kondo the author of the book I read over Christmas. Shes a Japanese decluttering guru her book has sold over 3 million copies, she in London this week doing a talk, I would love to go and listen but for now her book is inspiration enough.

The Christmas decorations have been reduced greatly what I hadn’t put up this year and what didn’t spark joy has gone to the charity shop I really hated that Christmas oven glove so its gone..Whoopie!

During my mums last months before she went into the hospice, she gave me her xmas tree decorations ..I took them straight to the charity shop, not my sort of thing, old and whats now terribly fashionable “vintage”. When she passed away I really regretted it, remembering the fun me and my brother had spinning the silver circle with the pipecleaner clown in it, or searching for where mum had put the tin robins on the tree, I can still picture her hand writing on the cardboard box ..”Xmas Decs”..but luckily as I was putting my xmas tree decs away, I spotted the little chinese lantern…I had kept just the one of mums tree decs, and I’m so glad I did.IMG_5549

So Christmas is behind us, Ive just finished doing my accounts, (I run a B&B in Shrewsbury called Ferndell  in case you are reading my blog for the first time) click here to have a nose, and my neighbours 2 large sofas Ive been storing in the once extremely cluttered room are now in their new home, and the room that’s Lurking behind that door….is being decorated in a weeks exciting..Im going for grey on 2 walls and mustard on the other 2,  well that’s the plan anyhow.

Before I started this blog I had helped a friend start to declutter and thought what a good idea it would be to start up a little sideline business to the B&B, helping others declutter their things, but then reality hit and I thought perhaps it would be a better idea to get my own house in order here we are 6 months down the road this blog keeps me motivated along with a decluttering community Ive got to know on twitter and facebook.

One company from Manchester called the Clutter Fairy as well as going out to peoples houses to help them sort through their clutter, offer tips/advise hold workshops and also write a blog, a recent blogpost I read was giving an overview of the types of people that use a professional declutterer/organisor. click here to have a read.

So Ive been thinking I could hold a decluttering workshop here at the B&B..a morning of clutter chat over a coffee and piece of chocolate cake, a new workshop to offer along with the creative workshops that we already hold here..anyway just a thought, but Ive already got a lady looking to come on it so better arrange a date..Im thinking of printing off my 3 photos of what was lurking behind that door to show my before and after to them…but not sure Im brave enough.

Anyhow another blog post done, looking forward to really tackling the room behind the kitchen next, its boxes have been restacked neatly and Ive decided to part with my mums old sunlounger cushions & her spare duvets that have been draped over several boxes..(Why have I kept them?)





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