The Lovely Thing is….

I spied The Lovely Thing back in July amongst the clutter Lurking behind that door, at the end of my blog post called Diary Ribbons  I wrote….

...”One photo I will share with you later, is something lovely in the far corner up on its end but that will be in a future post. there’s no room in the room behind the kitchen “yet” to put The Lovely Thing.

Well the lovely thing is, it did get moved into The room behind the kitchen and has sat patiently waiting for “its” turn to be handled and a decision made about what to do with it. I’m going to show you a photo now of a small part of the room behind the kitchen and The Lovely Thing can be seen in 3 separate pieces so its a bit like a Where’s Wallygame. IMG_6407

Those shelves in the picture have were taken down this week, the tins of paint are now either on the trailer to go to the tip or in the shed, also the roof on the room behind the kitchen was retiled last week by my brother and husband as we would like to remove part of the ceiling to expose the beams but weather that gets done before this blog finishes in July time will tell.

You may remember the Ugly Ornament post, well he’s now Lurking behind that door sitting up high, on top of a wooden shelf unit, my husband put up this week, also this week my roman blind arrived, made by my friend Mary,  it looks fab, so hopefully my husband will put that up too in the newly restored & painted little window, I still need to find some contrasting fabric, pompoms and buttons to have cushions made for the window grills, and Ive not seen any lampshades I fancy yet, Oh and we are on the look out for a big unit to go where the fireplace originally was, to house the items left once my decluttering has finally whittled out what’s to keep.

If any of you have been reading the Marie Kondo bookIMG_6395 I had a moment of madness in my daughters rooms who is away in France, and folded her T Shirts the “Marie Kondo way”  and I have to say it made total sense, you can see them all at a glance rather than only the top one..sad I know, but at least I’m not emptying my handbag each night, lying it down to rest  and thanking it for doing such a good job of carrying and taking care of my things all day.




The main principle with the Marie Kondo way of decluttering is to take something in your hand and ask yourself if the item sparks joy and if it does, it goes on the keep pile..but even though the lovely thing still sparks oodles of joy for me and my husband its time to let it go, let someone else enjoy it, plus where would I store it? and anyhow should the need arise in the future for such a thing…well the lovely thing is my husband could always make another..(don’t let him know I said that)..he made this one with love for our Charlie now 8..nearly 9, and obviously now he’s far too cool and grow up for such a thing…and too big.

So here it is… The Lovely Thing is… all …well Lovely ….and on Ebay

eBay item number:
If you’ve planned to do a spot of decluttering this Easter weekend, don’t plan to do too much, start small, maybe just a few draws, maybe empty just one box, if it leads to more that’s great, you don’t want to feel deflated because you didn’t get it ALL done..decluttering takes time. Get you black bags ready for the stuff going in the bin, sorting through small sections of a room rather than looking at the cluttered area as a whole, its just too daunting, and if you come across packs of photos promise yourself you wont open them until you have completed the section you planned to start. That’s my advise on this Good Friday. I now need to pick twigs to put up my Easter Tree for guests arriving later today, remember I run a B&B in Shrewsbury – Ferndell  go take a clutter to be seen because its hiding in the room behind the kitchen where breakfast is served.
Happy Easter all.

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