The Lovely Thing

So my husband-Stuey, is still Lurking behind that door and doing a splendid job of restoring the sash windows, filling in the holes in the ceiling from the extra lights, rubbing the walls above the picture rail down where the wallpaper has been removed and polyfillering in cracks. Luckily or not so luckily his work has gone quiet he is an antique restorer and cabinet maker so rather handy and very lucky for me, able to assist in moving my one year project forward. Hes been getting the room lurking behind that door painted, as our decorator can not start till next week now, so will get him doing the hall stairs and landing instead.IMG_5861Its really starting to come together the window painted white looks lovely and the grey on the walls is really striking but below the window is a seat made up of metal grills painted in a green paint and the wooden surround painted white so my clever husband has striped the grills and wooden frame they look amassing.











So while my husband has been busy in there, (remember I run a Bed and Breakfast in Shrewsbury called Ferndell click here to have a nose if your new to reading this blog), Ive held a photography workshop, a supper club evening and a marmalade demonstration night, also trying to promote my up and coming Linocut printing workshop on Feb 26th and collage workshop in March I’ve also been busy with guests at the B&B a local family who unfortunately had a tree fall on their house, but I have found time to sort out the fancy dress clothes, clear the girls landing, well mostly, there are just 2 boxes of Mae’s things to decide where in her newly decorated room the belongings will go…still asking the question..”so do you really love this?” to decide if its a keeper or not.

This post is going on a bit too long so will finish it without putting in my last photo I had planned which is of “The Lovely Thing” which you may remember i mentioned it back in one of my very early posts.

Today Ive taken everything out of the room behind the kitchen which meant the lovely thing raised it head again and is now in my husbands workshop ready for restoration. Also I met a Dragon this weekend but that story will have to wait, my gorgeous kitchen is strewn with all the boxes and stuff, so tomorrow I must put it all back tidily, as I will be serving breakfast in there on Tuesday as I have a family arriving for 4 nights.

I hope your decluttering is going well, remember set a realistic timescale and get stuck in, its so therapeutic but you have to be in the right frame of mind….or do what I did for 8 years….and just keep the door closed and forget about it.




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