The Top Floor

The room behind the kitchen has not been touched but I’m really pleased I finished my daughter Mae’s curtains and they are hanging in her newly decorated room. (Mae and her sister Bethan share the top floor of the house) admittedly all her things she loves, are still in boxes on their landing, creating another cluttered area but all ready go back into her newly decluttered room so its all good.IMG_5708

In Bethan’s bedroom is a tiny attic room, with the boilers and an under-eaves space, crammed with too much stuff, she left for France to train to be a chalet host for the ski season last week, so I’ve had everything spread out on her bedroom floor.  I’ve been going through it all this week and put back tidily whats being kept, like the boxes of photos which I stopped myself looking through, just one peep of my mum with the kids and a whole afternoon would be lost, Halloween box of tricks, a box of our accounts, kids school books etc etc but still to go through, is a massive pile of fancy dress clothes, I could start a shop theirs so much of it, but was pleased to make room for the Christmas things that have been in a corner of their bathroom for the past couple of weeks.IMG_5669IMG_5662








I did mention in my last post my decluttering was spreading to other areas of the house so once the fancy dress clothes are drastically reduced and the girls landing is cleared of Mae’s things the top floor of the house will be totally decluttered-which was not part of this one year decluttering journey, It was meant to be sorting and clearing whats lurking behind that door and the room behind the kitchen but once your serious about decluttering its like an addiction and thanks to the books I’ve been digesting, the whole house is getting organised slowly.

I would like to add as I run a bed and breakfast “Ferndell B&B in Shrewsbury” none of this clutter is anywhere in site..just in case a future guest is reading this and thinking they would be staying in a hoarders establishment…I can assure you its all well and truly hidden from guests eyes and if you look on my website it all looks fabulous. The camera never lies, I shove it all out of shot.

So back to whats lurking behind that door, and this week has been my husband, scraping wallpaper off the ceiling.IMG_5678After trying out a tester pot of mustard don’t know what I was thinking it did nothing for the room, we are now going for Hardwick White on the walls, its like a light grey so hopefully will be done by the time I do my next post. Blimey this is the 21st post…wonder if I will do another 21 in the run up to the final post in July.






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    • Thanks, Ive had lots of people say that to me which is great, when I came across your blog over on twitter I read all of your posts Im looking forward to seeing what else you make. For anyone reading this thinking of starting up sewing do take a look at The Reluctant Seamstress blog, shes a beginner herself