The Ugly Ornament

Ok back on track..I think my previous post I waffled on too much  so here we go..

Amongst all the clutter that’s lurking behind that door is  “The Ugly Ornament”, now months and months ago when yet again I was going through stuff to do a car boot which we did actually do this time, over on the west mid show ground, my husband picked up the ornament and said “what about him?” I’m pretty sure if you saw him you would think yep!! stick him on the car boot pile and to be honest if he was yours I would say car boot without a doubt.. . BUT I felt the wind knocked out of my sails, I needed to catch my breath, the sheer thought of him not being around really panicked me and I started to see I don’t particularly want him, I certainly don’t want him on display in my lounge or kitchen BUT I don’t want anybody else to have him either..He was my lovely lovely mums, he sat on her sideboard as I was growing up I remember being at a big outdoor market when I was little, where a man had the side of his big lorry open and all this household stuff being auctioned off  “who’ll give me £?” what ever the figure was then and my mum bought him and on the sideboard he sat.

So I’ve come to the conclusion now is not the time to part with him so he will sit in the room behind the kitchen with all the other stuff waiting to be decluttered that’s boxed and piled up behind the poor dogs bed, until maybe when the room lurking behind that door  is redecorated.  Perhaps he will have a little shelf up high …really high… and he can look down and keep an eye on us all or maybe by then I will be ready to part with him ..who knows..time will tellornament







The Ugly Ornament — 6 Comments

  1. You’re right to hang onto him for now. Don’t be ruthless – that way lies regret. Hang onto anything you’re not sure about. There’ll be plenty of stuff you ARE sure can go. Like you say, you can always declutter him at some future date.

    • Thanks Rachel, I found it easy to let go of her clothes we took them to the Charity shop while she was still in the hospice and things like her handbags (she loved a handbag) had no emotional pull they went to the charity shop as I mentioned in the post “its time” but this damn ornament..I dont want to regret letting him go, I sometimes regret letting her xmas decs go to the charity shop only because Kirsty Alsop would love them and I love her and they held all my childhood memories of spinning the decs hanging from their string on the tree while loafing on the sofa,,but hey they went in haste and I wont do that again haha.

  2. Morning Sarah, this reminded me of an ornament my Grandma had. My dad would go on about how ugly it was and how he didn’t want it in her will. Well she wrapped it up and gave it to him one Christmas. It was so funny. I can still see his face and hear her laugh. It is a very ugly turkey and now sits with pride of place on my Mum and Dad’s mantelpiece. My Grandma died a long time ago now but that is a lovely memory. Don’t get rid of things that mean so much to you. They are not clutter. Jude x

    • What a great story I do have a photo portrait of me and my brother we had it done for xmas for mum over 20 years ago both my brother and I, hate it but I have it amungst the clutter so will be gifting it to my brother one xmas or birthday as a joke I can see that being around a long time like your turkey

  3. Hi Sarah yes it can be a wrench when it’s an item that is not to your taste or style but has family memories attached to it. A potential place on a high shelf made me smile. But to paraphrase William Morris he advised people should only have things in their homes that are either useful or beautiful – the latter is very subjective of course. I sometimes suggest to any family ornaments that aren’t to their taste and then find a new home for them where they would be admired or used. Then, having put the photo into either an attractive scrap book of family memorabilia or into an online photo archive; they can still see the item and remember the person or people that were connected with it. So in due course this might be an idea that appeals to you.

    • Thanks Louise so much for your kind advise and bringing it to my attention on twitter you had left a comment, Ive been in touch with Paul from Virtual Shropshire who looks after my website and hes worked his magic that I now get emails when a comnent is left..hooray