Totally motivated & I blame this blog

Had I have know writing a blog about decluttering my two rooms was going to motivate me to really crack on with it properly this time, I would have started writing it years ago. I’ve made attempts in the past Im very good at putting things into boxes piling them up close together and placing a cloth over the top creating carpet space and thinking yes, I’m getting there and then not touching it for months when a whole host of new clutter just surrounds the rest and the cloth is no longer big enough to hide it all. But to think I’ve only been writing this blog a few weeks and already the room lurking behind that door is nearly empty.(and believe me it was a disgrace I have the photos to prove it)

Admittedly the stuff has been boxed and piled up into the room behind the kitchen but that is the plan..I cant make it a usable room until its empty, so I can take up the carpet, remove the dated fireplace and the secondary glazing, sand the floor and decorate. Ive had the tarpaulin out on the lawn again this weekend have taken 5 more bags of clothes to the charity bin outside the co-op on Monkmoor road which is great as most charity shops in Shrewsbury town you can not park outside.IMG_5075


All the plastic toy stuff (bloody masses of it this is just one box) is now in one place and ready to go through with my 8 year old son to decide whats to bin, keep and try to sell. He sells bird seed and has sold lots of other things outside the house sitting on a deck chair with his little blackboard, so I was thinking he could just say any 3 pieces of plastic crap.. sorry toys for £1 along with the teddies but they might be 50p.


In the couple of weeks I’ve been doing this I’ve learnt there is an Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers  (I had no idea) a couple of member I’ve been introduced to thanks to my tweeting are..  The Clutter Fairy based in Manchester … Rachel Papworth at from Brighton and Jude Ainsley up in Scotland who knows by the time Ive finished this blog perhaps Sarah Hopper from could be a member and ready to help you with your plastics cupboard or understairs avalanche. Thanks for reading





Totally motivated & I blame this blog — 4 Comments

  1. Morning Sarah, thank you for the mention in your blog. I have been on hols with very limited access to Internet. Lovely to get home and catch up. Sounds like you are doing well. Love the idea for your son to sell the toys. X

    • Hi Jude have just discovered I have comments on my blog very exciting but sorry not replied sooner, hope you enjoyed you break. Ive sorted through all the plastic toys now and Charlie has a new unit in his bedroom with what he wanted to keep so that’s one job complete.(and had 2 sessions outside but still plenty more he can sell) I really wanted to mention you and the others on the blog who have helped me so early in this journey, I love the fact there is a professional organisation you all belong to. When I think, going back to my first post “its time” after helping a friend to declutter and I pondered at the idea of doing decluttering as a sideline to the B&B never realizing it is an industry that actualy exists. Thanks so much for the support

  2. I’m enjoying reading your blog Sarah and following your journey. I’m glad you have found APDOuk website. I’m an APDOuk member based up in Cheshire and #SBS Amongst the wardrobe weeding and room re-organising I love helping people deal with their paperwork mountains. You’ll find several of members have website blogs or Twitter or Facebook pages where you can find inspiration on decluttering and organising topics if you hit a brick wall or need some advice. Good luck with your journey – I look forward to most posts on your progress.

    • Thanks Louise Im finding the virtual world so helpful, one decluttering/organizing company I’m following on twitter asked me if there was anything specific I would lie to see tips or a blog on and for me I think its the time management of it all but at least Ive given myself a sensible time scale..glad your enjoying my journey