Waiting for the storage unit

The blind is up at the little window and looks really smart,  I’ve edited/cropped one of my embarrassing photos from before I started this decluttering so you can see part of what was lurking behind that door-its not pretty, but you have to admit,  its looking pretty swanky now ..I love a before and after shot. My old Monopoly board will go back up in this room once the unit is made and I know how much wall space I have left.










So the children have been back at school a week since their Easter break and I feel I’ve done nothing more to help my decluttering move along..I’ve just 3 months to go till my deadline of July 23rd- My 48th birthday which I said when I started this blog  I would have a party to celebrate, hopefully having cleared, decorated and created 2 usable rooms and all who read this blog were invited.  Well 9 months on and I certainly feel the room that’s lurking behind that door is going to be finished or it will be if.. 1. I can find a buyer for the Lovely thing..and 2. my husband builds a unit to store the stuff from the keep pile. We did go to have a look around a local salvage/reclamation company during the Easter break and found some great doors that my husband could build a unit around, but as we didn’t have the trailor with us, we didn’t buy them and haven’t been back.

Now I do enjoy reading tips and other peoples decluttering stories on a facebook group Ive joined via a website called Cluttered to clean and yesterday morning I mentioned how I’m starting to struggle. Over the months its been relatively easy to filter out the charity or bin stuff but now I’m down to stuff to keep, stuff that isn’t necessarily used every day, stuff that doesn’t have a place as such, but I want or need to keep.  So I came up with the idea of writing a list, a list of each item that was left in the remaining boxes that way if it was on the list its going to need to go in that storage cupboard that’s not been built yet. which is in keeping with what Ive read about not creating storage for your clutter, sort out what your keeping.. So I have my list! I’m sure as I read through it and re write it which I’m bound to do, until its time to move the items into their final resting place, there will be things that I will find homes for or will get rid of along the way but I feel Ive come to an end of going through box after box and whats left is pictured below..along with  “the list”  if you look to the bottom of the list you will see an embossed mark..I was trying out the Ferndell address stamper I found, I meant to take its photo but forgot and its now back in one of those boxes waiting to sit on the desk that will sit below the little window



(looking at that bottom box, – I must have missed sorting through that one last night-bother)

My guests this morning were cyclists on their way to John O Groats, remember I run a B&B in Shrewsbury called Ferndell, do take a look, you can  click here I promise not a scrap of clutter in site, its all hidden in the room behind the kitchen which is where I stored their bikes last night. Now a few months ago I could have stored their helmets and that’s about it in there but to think, 2 bikes sat comfortably in that room, along with the remainder of my stuff which yesterday I reduced again. The last of my black bags to go to the charity shop is actually still sat in the boot of the car. . which is something I’ve tried not to do, I’ve usually taken it straight to the charity shop, but as it was late last night when I finished, I just wanted it out of the house. This is not something I would advise-leaving your stuff intended for the charity shop in the car, its too easy for another member of your family to find and suddenly fall in love with that thing they haven’t bothered with for years. Anyhow over breakfast this morning turns out my guests are blogging their journey too,  www.mickandnick.wordpress.com be it a different journey to decluttering.  check out their kind mention of us on day 6 and keep your fingers crossed someone buys the Lovely Thing



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