You may find this Morbid

When I  started this decluttering blog called whats lurking behind that door IMG_0037 On the front page I wrote……

I’m giving myself a year to do this it’s not just this whole room it’s also the room behind the kitchen which is also in a state and will house the stuff from in here while I work on one room at a time, my deadline is July 23rd 2016 my 48th Birthday a gift to myself.. Two new beautiful, useful rooms, decluttered, & decorated after 8 years, which I’m no longer ashamed of. My excuses are .1).when we moved here 8 years ago we had no attic space, garage or shed so “stuff” got dumped behind that door..and 2) a huge bereavement in my life nearly 4 years ago.


Well that bereavement is nearly 5 years ago now and one of the big things I miss not having my mum around any more are her wonderful words of wisdom.  She would tell Stu and I to concentrate of what we had achieved so far, not on what we still had to do, and this is what I have to keep telling myself with this years decluttering mission coming to an end

IMG_0650Wearing my rose coloured glasses I had visions of people holding their prosecco & clapping while I was cutting a red ribbon to my 2 perfectly  decluttered rooms, with photos dotted around of the embarrassing before images, this of course would all be happening at my birthday party in 2 days time…now back to reality and the room behind the kitchen is well and truly decluttered but a little way to go before its finished, but to think this time last year it was full to the rafters of sheer clutter and now its empty and ready for its bifold doors to be fitted.


Sadly I still haven’t sold the lovely thing which is taking up room in my beautiful clutter free decorated room that’s lurking behind that door, but again to think this time last year that room was just my dumping ground and the lovely thing was in pieces waiting to be restored, so thank you mum your words of wisdom ring in my ears I have done so much in 12 months not just the sorting of my 2 rooms but helping/inspiring others and many other areas of the house like my daughter Mae her room is totally redecorated and decluttered, the pantry, the area by the side door, how many jam jars did i recycle? but mainly sorting through my mums items, her 2 personal belongings bags from the hospice had sat for 4 years undisturbed, I just couldn’t face it.

My mum loved the daffodils, and as we knew she probably wouldn’t make it to the spring to have them on her coffin we were lucky to be introduced to a fantastic local couple of ladies who paint on silk,( do click here for their website) so they made us a Pall (a cover for a coffin) just before mum went into the hospice the Pall was finished. Now I have a photo – IMG_0700you may find this morbid but I think its lovely so I’m not going to apologise, it shows my daughter Mae holding the Pall covered in daffodils and my mum seeing how beautiful it is. I’m so glad we had it made, mum died a few weeks later in the October.




So I feel this is the last blog post, my intention was to have a 12 month decluttering mission and blog it and thats whats what ive achieved, as much as it would be fantastic to be posting photos of completed rooms Im going to concentrate on what Ive achieved and looking around the house and rereading my 30 other blog posts Im rather proud of myself…If youve followed this journey and would like to see for yourself the progress and are ever in Shrewsbury, remember I run a B&B Ferndell do call in, I love showing off the B&B and now of course I dont have to break my neck to close that door.  Happy birthday to me…Cheers





You may find this Morbid — 12 Comments

    • Thanks Ria, just by chance Ive just stumbled across a video of xmas day morning the kids opening presents the year before she died and shes in it so fab weve all been watching it so lovely

  1. Happy birthday to you indeed! Bloody well done. Thank you for sharing the journey. I know you’ve inspired many others to tackle their clutter.

    • Thanks Rachel, with out blogging it I would still be moving stuff from one box to another…funny how this got me really sorting things out…I loved it..had no idea how many posts I would write just went with the flow, and wrote it regardless if anyone read it or not. To walk into my room now and iron my sheets or sort the washing into its 5 baskets (5 in our family) is so helpful and to not have washing all over my bedroom floor is brilliant… and I must say Im still using your tip on the wardrobe & hangers after seeing your video x

  2. Well done Lovely. I can’t imagine being without my Mum. I reckon yours would be proper proud of you. Have a fantabulous birthday xxxx

    • Thanks, I used to wonder what would be worse, losing someone immediately or having time to say good bye..I think ive coped well emotionally and socially due to having the long time we had to get used it, she had cancer and we always knew it was terminal so when she finally passed away I was very prepared, naturally it hit me like a ton of bricks 10 days later. she would be very happy I had finally sorted that back room out, used to drive her mad, Ive always been untidy the papers, school letters etc etc on my kitchen worktop stacking up till they reached the wall units used to annoy her too but yes thanks she would be proud x

  3. Your mum was very wise – great advice to focus on what we’ve done not what we’ve yet to do. I’ve loved following your journey, you’ve achieved so much and recorded it beautifully. Enjoy your ‘new’ rooms, and next time I’m passing I’ll drop you a tweet and darken your door!! Jane x

    • Hi Jane that would be lovely thanks, Ive thoroughly loved sorting through my crap, why oh why we keep so much stuff but its just not having the time to sort it out there and then so it piles up and up… look forward to you brightening up my door step soon, when hopefully will have done a bit more.

  4. Hi Sarah, I have loved reading your blogs and have found a lot of your ideas very useful. I am not really a hoarder but I have got certain areas that could do with a good decluttering so that is my plan for this Autumn/winter – when I haven’t got so much gardening to do. It is very hard to sort through our loved ones possessions but when I look at something of Dave’s I say to myself is keeping this going to remember him more and usually the answer is no, we will never forget those that we loved and still love, but it isn’t the material things that holds them dear it is what you feel in your heart. Well done to you and your lovely family for all that you have achieved and if I am passing I will definitely call by. Wendy X

    • Hi Wendy, Ive started to blog again and just found your lovely message which I remember reading but never replied, Im so sorry. You hit the nail on the head saying is keeping this going to remember them more, its not the material things its the lovely memories…well Autumn is upon us I know it mild so still your probably pottering in the garden but I hope you get that decluttering done its such a fab feeling seeing an area cleared,,taking before and after photos that’s one of the things that spurs me on. Well my blogging will now be about the B&B adventures and promoting the town so might want to unsubscribe haha..take care Sarah xx

  5. Congratulations Sarah – for both your birthday plus your completed mission.
    Im sad to say that I have made little progress on my beautiful room but thats not to say it wont get done! Im determined it will!
    Im not likely to be passing by anytime soon but you can count on if we finally manage to make the trip across the pond yours is one of the doors I will be knocking on to say Hi! in person.

    • Hi Sue, I do apologise I’ve stumbled on your message re my last blog post and I didn’t reply, thank you so much for taking the time to wish me happy birthday back in the summer and regarding your beautiful room maybe set aside 10 minutes each day and make a cross on the calendar to prove you have done it.. those little chains of crosses you hopefully wont want to break and who knows it might take you less time than you think xx